The Ultimate Guide To Using a Pressure Washer for Home Cleaning


Do you have a dirty home that needs some cleaning? If so, then maybe it is time for you to invest in a pressure washer. This unit will blast through all the dirt and grime that clings to your exterior surfaces. But, make sure you are using this fantastic tool correctly!

A power washer uses high pressure water to clean surfaces. Although they can be found in some homes for personal use, power washers are most common among professional building and home maintenance workers, such as carpenters, painters, contractors, and handymen.

Below are some tips for you so that you can use your pressure washer correctly:

1. Connect the Pressure Washer

The first step is to connect your pressure washer. This should be pretty easy; follow the instructions that came with it. Once you think that everything is properly hooked up, then turn on the water and start testing out that sprayer!

2. Test The Sprayer

Before making your house dirty with the pressure washer, you must test out your unit and see how it works. All you need to do is spray a little water on a clean exterior surface area. This will allow you to dial in that particular nozzle and then blast away all the grime when the time comes!

3. Degreasing Before Cleaning

Before you begin to clean your home, it might be a good idea to decrease the unit with a garden hose. Just turn on the water and target the area where grease from your hands can collect. The oil often comes from storage, so make sure to do this before using the pressure washer.

4. Start Cleaning Your Home

Now that you have a clean exterior surface, it is time to make your home dirty with all the dirt and grime that the power of water will dislodge. Be sure always to spray away from any windows or anything else that can easily break if hit by the stream of water. Also, be sure not to blast away any deck boards or other wooden surfaces because it could cause damage!

5. Wash The Sides Of Your Home

Before you turn off the pressure washer and go inside for dinner, then remember to wash down the sides of your home. The front side is likely where all the action is, but you should also clean the sides of your home when they need some cleaning. This will ensure that all the dirt and grime are wiped away from your house!

6. Turn Off The Unit

As a final step to using a pressure washer for home cleaning, you will have to turn off the unit. To turn it off, you will need to unplug the power cord or disconnect the hose that connects to your home. Just make sure that all of the water has stopped flowing out of the unit before deactivating it!

Pressure Washer Tips for Home Owners

If you are interested in keeping your home clean with a pressure washer, then make sure that you keep the following tips in mind:

1. Check The Filter

Before you even begin to start your pressure washer, check out the filter. This will likely be a button and easily allow water and pressure to pass through it. If this is clogged up with any dirt or debris, it may cause a problem as you try to use your pressure washer.

2. Clean The Filter Often

To prevent any clogs from the filter, you should clean this often. There are two ways to clean it: either by running water through it or blowing air into it. Just make sure that no dirt or debris gets trapped inside the filter! You can do this while you are using your pressure washer too. For example, if there is a clog up after using your unit for a while, just run some more water through the hose and pull out all of that nasty grime that has gotten stuck!

Final Words – The Ultimate Guide To Using a Pressure Washer for Home Cleaning

As you can see, using a pressure washer for cleaning your home is pretty easy! So next time that you are tempted to pick up the soap and bucket, remember that there is another method to get your house clean. Pressure washers are great tools that will blast off dirt and grime in no time at all.

If you are looking for an excellent way to keep your home clean with just water, a pressure washer is suitable. All of these tips should help you use your power washer properly so that you can finally get your dirty exterior surfaces clean!

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